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I love it how I can really connect with lots of different types of music. I'm here for anyone-everyone, that just needs someone to talk to, about anything, honestly, Just message me, I'm the kind of person that keeps to them self, cares with all my heart about friends-family everyone.. I'm a great listener, I love talking to people and hearing how their life is, and too see how much of a difference their's is from mine and their's, I would never judge someone by the life they live, just for the fact that I had a horrible childhood, I've been judged for it, & I don't want to put people in the same position as I was, I started smoking when I was about 9, Smoking weed when I was 9 & drinking when I was ten.. When people ask me to let them have their first smoke, or toke.. or shot, I have to say no, 'cause I honestly don't want to put them in the exact same position as I was put in when I was younger I started physically, harming myself when I was 12, I drank to get shit off my mind, I'd try to overdoes, I've tried to commit suicide twice, I have been bullied so much growing up, been lied to so many times to count, I'm used to people acting fake around me.. & most of the time, I just go with it, not say anything, for one not to cause pointless fights, When I was younger I used to get beat, by my dad, and brothers, Mu mom was never around to do anything, always at work or just not paying attention to me like always, got in shit by the police way too many times to count, Have so many fucking social workers, It's bull crap, MY inspirations are, Avril Lavigne, Ronnie Radke, Kellin Quinn, Vic Futures & a few other amazing people, but other then that this blog has lots of different shit

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